You Might Need an MSP – Here’s Why

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In today’s fast-paced, tech-focused world, it’s completely normal for business owners to feel overwhelmed by their company’s technology. Not only is technology changing rapidly, so are the cyber threats facing businesses. The inability to keep up with those changes can leave you and your organization at serious risk, and having the right IT support in place should be at the top of every business’ priority list. An internal team, however, isn’t always the right answer for small to mid-sized businesses. Internal IT teams can lack the varied skill-sets needed to keep a business running smoothly and safely. Additionally, the cost of even a small internal team of two technicians in today’s market can run well over $175,000/year in salaries and benefits.

Fortunately for small to mid-sized businesses who are not ready to hire and manage their own internal IT teams, there is an efficient and cost-effective solution—engaging a Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP is an outsourced IT team that brings you all the expertise, efficiency, and day-to-day support of a large and diverse group of technicians without having to hire all of those technicians in-house. MSPs offer their clients consistency, stability, and a proactive approach to preventing IT problems before they start, and here’s why you should consider hiring an MSP.

Diverse Skill Sets

MSPs typically have a variety of skill-sets represented across their technical staff. From cybersecurity and penetration testing (pen testing), to network management and run-of-the-mill support, MSP teams have diverse skills that you oftentimes won’t be able to match by hiring even a few internal staff members.

Lower Costs

Hiring an internal IT team can be costly. Salaries, pay raises, taxes, healthcare benefits, paid vacations and holidays, bonuses, and other benefits add up quickly. Hiring an MSP is significantly more affordable for the same (if not, better) quality of service. Plus you get access to the entire team for help!

Time Saved

When technology problems inevitably arise in your company, and you don’t have a dedicated IT team to address them, it’s likely your employees will ask each other for help. Not only is this a waste of their time, you’ll need to keep your fingers crossed that their attempts to fix their problems don’t eventually break more things. Having an MSP ensures that your employees have a dedicated support team in place who will efficiently address their technology concerns and ensure that issues are resolved in a timely and correct manner.


With an MSP on board, you don’t have to worry about the added costs of hiring another support professional as your business grows. There’s always someone there to support your technology without the growing pains (and inevitable lag time) of hiring and training a new in-house technician.

24/7/365 Support

When you hire your own IT technician, that individual will eventually want to take some time off. Unfortunately, that can leave the rest of your staff in limbo if something happens in their absence. Engaging an MSP gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have continuity of support regardless of vacations, illness, or other time off.

Strategic Planning

A good MSP functions like a trusted partner and advisor to your business, helping you plan and scale your technology alongside your growing business. An MSP should routinely listen to your goals, understand the technology you currently have, plan for the technology you need to support your goals, and offer appropriate, secure solutions to help you maintain business continuity.

How Can ITSecureNow Help?

Our ITSecureNow managed services team prides itself on helping our clients run their businesses smoothly and efficiently while proactively keeping them well-protected from cyber threats. To learn more about what value we can bring to your business, click here to get in touch with us today!