Proactively protecting your business

Keeping your business information safe and secure is critical to your business. We work tirelessly to protect you from cyber threats. From implementing robust firewalls and encryption protocols to conducting regular vulnerability assessments, we’ve got your back. We’ll watch your systems, detect and neutralize any potential risks, and guide you on best practices to stay safe in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Rest assured, with our security measures in place, you can navigate the digital world with confidence and peace of mind. 

Challenge: Mitigate Risk

ITSecureNow’s Solution

Properly configured firewalls can provide an invisible layer of protection. In June 2023, our client firewalls performed 99.9 million botnet scans and blocked access to 27,100 known botnet sites. Botnets are networks of infected computers and devices that can be used to perform attacks across the internet. By preventing access to these sites, we can help to ensure that our clients’ resources are not infected and used in one of these attacks. 

Our client firewalls also scanned an astonishing 3.4 billion internet requests in June. Among these requests, we identified and blocked 63 specially crafted intrusion attempts, preventing 63 attacks from taking place without our end users even knowing that it was happening. 

But that’s not all we do…

Secure IT Services

End-user security training

Insider threat continuous monitoring

Risk & vulnerability assessment

Create security policies

Penetration testing

Rights management

Data loss protection

Strategic IT Services

Semi-annual review

Yearly budgeting session

Planned obsolescence

Risk mitigation

Review existing technology solutions

Review new and emerging technologies

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