ITSecureNow LinkedIn Roundup | December 2023

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Managing User Accounts Is a Great Year End Practice 

Every year a business operates, things change. People join the company. People leave the company, and not always in the best circumstances. People take on new roles and responsibilities. With all these changes taking place it is best practice to make sure you evaluate who has what access when it comes to the systems and software that your business utilizes.  

User Account Management is the process by which administrators within a company manage user accounts to allow or restrict access to various IT & network resources. Making sure that you have an up-to-date account of user privileges is vital to ensuring that your company does not risk having an access point to any malicious actors. 

On top of being a security concern there is also a financial aspect to managing users. Many Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) products are billed by the license. If there is a license that was purchased and is no longer being efficiently utilized that is a point of loss that affects overall net revenue.  


Cyberattacks Year End Wrap Up 2023 

Every year companies must be aware of an ever-changing profile when identifying threat actors and their tactics. We at ITSecureNow believe in making sure everyone within our network stays up to date on what to watch out for when it comes to protecting themselves and their customers. 

While the list of all the available threats is quite lengthy, we want to focus on three that we believe will be more relevant in 2024. 

• IoT Attacks 

• Mobile Attacks 

• Remote Work Environments