What is a “Dark Web Scan” and Should You Use One?

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ITSecureNow scans the Dark Web looking for accounts that are associated with your email domain. Criminals and identity thieves use the Dark Web to buy and sell stolen or hacked information. Account information found on the Dark Web can be used for scams, phishing emails, social engineering scams and identity theft among other uses.

Through our Dark Web Scan, as shown below, we provide you with the necessary information to take action! We provide you with your level of risk, the data breached accounts, the total number of data breaches, and details of the employees who have been breached.

Knowing which email accounts and employee information is on the Dark Web will give you the insight needed to protect your company and your employees. Making employees aware that they may be a target of scams will help raise their defenses. Continuous security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks will give them the information that they need to identify scams and spot phishing emails.

Schedule a Dark Web Scan today or give us a call at 614-206-5383 for a free, no obligation quote!

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Decrease Risk With Weekly Vulnerability Assessments

Keeping your computers running is a tough job even with a great IT provider. However, how do you know that they are also keeping your network secure?

Ensuring the security of all of your digital devices, such as, a multi-functional printer or a conference room television requires a whole different set of questions, skills and tools that most IT groups don’t have.  Let us give you a second set of eyes on one of the biggest areas of liability in your business.

Vulnerability Summary Report Example:

After a simple NMAP scan of your network, the below vulnerabilities were discovered.  These vulnerabilities presented themselves with no further analysis other than the NMAP scan.  Each of these entries is a potentially exploitable asset on your network that could lead to a partial or complete compromise of your company network.

The severity of the vulnerabilities discovered in the NMAP use a color-coded rating system of 1 to 5:

  • Item of interest (purple)
  • Potentially vulnerable (Green)
  • Known vulnerabilities (Blue)
  • Likely exploitable (Yellow)
  • Known exploitable (Red)

Contact us to receive your weekly vulnerability report! Click here or give us a call at 614-206-5383 to get started. Don’t wait till it’s too late!


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How Are You Managing IT Security Risks?

Why Implement Risk Intelligence Reporting into your business? It locates every piece of sensitive data across networks and workstations.

Companies amass large amounts of sensitive, personally-identifiable information (PII), including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and credit card information in dispersed persistent storage. Risk Intelligence roots out sensitive data and potential vulnerabilities no matter where they are stored, providing actionable insights for sensitive data protection so you can mitigate the risk. Below is an example of what a Risk Intelligence Report would look like:

Sensitive data at rest on systems poses a great risk to companies. Contact ITSecureNow to receive your Risk Intelligence Report. Act now before it’s too late!

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Yes, You Need a Risk Assessment

ITSecureNow’s security assessment will give you a personalized report of where your business stands in terms of IT Security. The goal is to evaluate and resolve the easily identifiable gaps in your security system to better your security plan moving forward. It’s important to act now before it is too late!

ITSecureNow’s Security Assessment Includes:

  • Internal Vulnerability Scan –A scan designed to see what a hacker might see if they breach your network. ITSecureNow will run a series of network mapping utilities from within your network.
  • External Vulnerability Scan – This scan is designed to see what your network looks like to the rest of the internet.  The primary targets in this test would be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateway, firewall and any hosted services that your internal servers present to the internet.
  • Liability Scan – Finding valuable data on your network is the first priority for anyone that has gained unauthorized access to your network.  Our Risk Intelligence software scours a device to find any unprotected Personal Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and credit card numbers.  Once it gathers all of the data it will assign a dollar amount to indicate your potential liability.  It will also generate a report showing exactly what data it found, as well as, where it was found.

Take Action! Call (614) 206-5383 or click here to contact ITSecureNow today to get your security assessment.

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Join ITSecureNow for a Lunch and Learn

Join ITSecureNow and Schooley Mitchell for a lunch and learn about the latest trends in telecommunication and IT security for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

1. Robert Hays, from Schooley Mitchell, delivers objective advice and analysis on “The 5G revolution is coming…and other telecommunication trends for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs).”

2. Paul Fields, from ITSecureNow, presents the latest trends in IT Security, “My business is too small, we are not a target for hackers…” and elaborates on why this is NOT TRUE.

The event is free with lunch included, but registration is required!


Location: Cultivate 3989 Broadway, Grove City, Ohio 43123
Time: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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How to Avoid a Phishing Scam

Username and password written on a paper note in the shape of a fish attached to a hook - Phishing and internet security concept

Phishing scams started coming around not too long after the inception of the Internet, and it is likely they won’t being going away any time soon. In fact, “90% of modern data breaches now involve a phishing attack- these attacks usually consist of fake emails designed to look like they’re coming from a brand or institution that you trust.” Phishing scams are highly successful for cybercriminals to make massive profits, but there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. Follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe.

Guard against spam
Be extremely cautious of emails that come from unrecognized senders or contain typos in the organization name (amz0n.com). Avoid emails that ask you to send personal information or make urgent requests for financial support.

Take it personally
Check the greeting of your email. If it is coming from an organization that you do business with, your email should be personalized with your name. Be wary of any emails that start, “Dear Sir,” or “Dear Customer.”

Avoid the click
Never click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from unknown senders. Only open attachments you are expecting and know what they contain, even if you know the sender. Use your mouse and hover over an email link to see the full URL it will direct you to before clicking.

Best line of defense
Protect your computer with a firewall, spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Make sure you are getting the most up-to-date software, and update regularly to ensure that you are blocking any new viruses and spyware.

Remember that you can be targeted anywhere online, so always keep an eye out for those “phishy” emails and never feel pressure to give up personal information online. When in doubt, just delete.

Knowing what you’re up against is the best line of defense. Read, “Beware of Tech Scams” for even more security best practices.

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The Pitfalls of a Paperless Workplace

The paperless workplace has been a boon to productivity, allowing workers to access, share information, and get things done 24/7. Of course, that has led to new pitfalls like cybercrime. Listen to our Senior Security Analyst, Paul Fields, describe the journey of ITSecureNow and how it came about from an offshoot of a traditional document storage business.

The State of Business with the Ohio Society of CPA’S, Episode: The Paperless Workplace

Watch Episode

To Further dive into a paperless workplace, join ITSecureNow and Fireproof Records Center as we present at the Ohio Society of CPA’S Healthcare Summit. Health Care is one of the largest industries in the world, thus, creating complex challenges for accounting professionals. Challenges being the safety of health care documents as they go from paper to digital, and how the documents are being protected within their systems.

Join us October 24, 2018! Health Care Summit Event 


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A data breach can have costly effects on small businesses

cybercrime, hacking and technology concept - hands of hacker in dark room writing code or using computer virus program for cyber attack

A data breach has a huge, costly effect on businesses large and small. Preventing online data breaches is as important as preventing theft from a brick-and-mortar establishment. There are certain basic safety precautions every company should take to keep itself and its customers protected.

Breaches happen to small companies
We hear about data breaches in the news including Target, Home Depot and Sony but did you know that a Verizon study found that 71% of data breaches happen to companies with less than 100 employees?

Employees are your weakest link
You may have taken steps to protect your company.  You probably installed a network firewall, regularly patched your computers with vendor security patches and have deployed anti-virus software. But technology alone cannot stop cybercrime and data breaches.  IBM found that 95% of data breaches are caused by human error. That makes your employees you weakest link in terms of cyber security.

Employees need cyber security training
In order to minimize the risk of data breaches, companies need to focus on the cause of 95% of data breaches – their employees.  The best way to minimize data breaches is to train employees on cyber security and how to recognize possible threats.

Introducing our employee security training
We are excited to announce our employee security training. The training is interesting and engaging and makes extensive use of multimedia. Employees will learn about phishing scams, ransomware, phone scams and the dangers of public Wi-Fi. The training hits a broad range of security topics.

Sign up for our employee security training today

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FIREPROOF’S IT Security Division

The Fireproof family launched an IT company two years ago, ITSecureNow. ITSecureNow is an IT Services company with a strong focus on security, often referred to as a Managed Security Services Provider.

Here is how this all came about…

Fireproof is a 100-year-old, family owned company that helps organizations manage and protect electronic and paper information. This could be:

  • Storing, scanning, or shredding paper documents.
  • Using document management software to organize and protect documents.
  • Properly disposing of hard drives to protect your company’s information.
  • Storing valuable information or property in our vault.

We realized that while many of our customers took the right steps to protect their documents by getting them to Fireproof, they often overlooked the need for security for their in-house network and storage systems.

ITSecureNow grew out of our Firepoof IT department that has been protecting our customers documents for the last 20 years. Due to ITSecureNow dealing with personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) we are subject to all the strictest security and compliance regulations. We are now offering this network security expertise to our Fireproof customers.

It all starts with a security assessment. This includes an internal/external vulnerability scan and a risk intelligence report. Our security analyst will review the results with you to discuss how to improve your protection. It never hurts to get a second set of eyes on something this important.


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Phishers Sending Fake Invoices

A concept image of a magnifying glass with a wooden handle on a textured white surface showing the word authentic but magnifying the word fake resembling counterfeitting

Employees with job functions that involve viewing or processing invoices are prime targets for scams. Cyber-criminals have recently been attempting to fool employees into paying for products that the business didn’t order and may not even exist. So far we have seen fake invoices for things like office supplies, website or domain hosting services, directory listings, and more.

How the scam works
The business receives a letter or email with what appears to be an invoice. The person in charge of processing invoices at the business isn’t aware of the scam, and they handle the bill normally, paying the scammer without further investigation. One potential wrinkle involved can cause issues even if the invoice isn’t paid: opening one of these invoices could infect the business’ system with malware.

How to spot the scam

  • Make sure that the people processing invoices or answering phone calls are aware that these scams exist. Cyber-criminals are great at mimicking logos, official seals, fonts, websites and more.
  • Develop a system for inspecting invoices, and verify that goods or services were ordered and delivered before paying.
  • Select a small group of employees to approve purchases, receive shipments, and pay the bills for consistency.
  • Verify the invoice is official. Watch this video for tips on how to verify authenticity of an invoice.
  • Utilize an email filtering service, such as the one provided as a part of ITSecurenow’s Proactive IT to prevent bogus emails from reaching your staff.

Remember, with the ever-changing landscape of online security and cyber crime it is important to stay in the loop, and take proactive measures to prevent your business from being a target.

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