·         vCIO

·         Quarterly review

·         Yearly budgeting session

·         Planned Obsolescence

·         Risk Mitigation

·         Review Technology Solutions

·         Review new and emerging technologies

Strategic IT

Even if you have the luxury of an IT Guy to fix things, you need an experienced business professional to help align technology with your business needs. Budgeting, chalk talk sessions, and technology reviews. Know when its time to replace those old machines. Is that new piece of software right for your business? Is it compatible? That old email server in the closet works but is there a better solution? Have you thought about the importance of risk as you plan for the future? The vCIO is your guru; available to help guide your business and help make technology work for you. 

Security Training

As a part of our BPP (Breach Prevention Platform) we provide online security training for each employee with a test to ensure comprehension. The training has video examples and interactive guides to aide in understanding. HIPAA specific training can also be provided. To keep security on everyone mind a weekly security video will be emailed to each user providing useful insights that can be used at work or at home.