Risk Intelligence

·         Security Training

·         Risk Assessments

·         Weekly Vulnerability Assessment

·         Penetration Testing

·         Security Policies

·         Risk Intelligence Reporting

·         Incident response services

·         Rights management

Secure IT

Locate Every Piece of Sensitive Data across Networks and Workstations
Sensitive data at rest on systems poses a great risk to companies. Often, companies amass large amounts of sensitive, personally-identifiable information (PII), including social security numbers, driver's license numbers, credit card information, and more in dispersed persistent storage. MAX Risk Intelligence roots out sensitive data and potential vulnerabilities no matter where they are stored, providing actionable insights for sensitive data protection so you can mitigate the risk.

Security Training

As a part of our BPP (Breach Prevention Platform) we provide online security training for each employee with a test to ensure comprehension. The training has video examples and interactive guides to aide in understanding. HIPAA specific training can also be provided. To keep security on everyone mind a weekly security video will be emailed to each user providing useful insights that can be used at work or at home.