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The Pitfalls of a Paperless Workplace

The paperless workplace has been a boon to productivity, allowing workers to access, share information, and get things done 24/7. Of course, that has led to new pitfalls like cybercrime. Listen to our Senior Security Analyst, Paul Fields, describe the … Continue reading

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Juvenile32InsaneMonkey! And Other Good Passwords

As your business grows, so does the likelihood of your systems being the target of cybercrime. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by enforcing the use of strong, secure passwords for yourself and your employees. If followed, … Continue reading

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Stay Secure on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social platform for working professionals and organizations to highlight their skills and construct a network. There are many ways to use this platform to your advantage; however, there are security concerns that you should be aware … Continue reading

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8 Alarming Security Facts for Small Businesses

The cyber-security industry is rapidly growing in response to the number of cyber-crimes that continue to plague businesses large and small. It is clear that no organization, regardless of its size or vertical, is safe from a data breach. According … Continue reading

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13 Haunting Cyber Security Statistics

Tales of true terror are happening in data centers far and near. Sinister outages and bone-chilling cyber security threats are enough to give any IT professional nightmares. Daily news reports highlight the latest victims in the ghastly data breach saga. … Continue reading

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