Yes, You Need a Risk Assessment

ITSecureNow’s security assessment will give you a personalized report of where your business stands in terms of IT Security. The goal is to evaluate and resolve the easily identifiable gaps in your security system to better your security plan moving forward. It’s important to act now before it is too late!

ITSecureNow’s Security Assessment Includes:

  • Internal Vulnerability Scan –A scan designed to see what a hacker might see if they breach your network. ITSecureNow will run a series of network mapping utilities from within your network.
  • External Vulnerability Scan – This scan is designed to see what your network looks like to the rest of the internet.  The primary targets in this test would be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateway, firewall and any hosted services that your internal servers present to the internet.
  • Liability Scan – Finding valuable data on your network is the first priority for anyone that has gained unauthorized access to your network.  Our Risk Intelligence software scours a device to find any unprotected Personal Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and credit card numbers.  Once it gathers all of the data it will assign a dollar amount to indicate your potential liability.  It will also generate a report showing exactly what data it found, as well as, where it was found.

Take Action! Call (614) 206-5383 or click here to contact ITSecureNow today to get your security assessment.

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