The Pitfalls of a Paperless Workplace

The paperless workplace has been a boon to productivity, allowing workers to access, share information, and get things done 24/7. Of course, that has led to new pitfalls like cybercrime. Listen to our Senior Security Analyst, Paul Fields, describe the journey of ITSecureNow and how it came about from an offshoot of a traditional document storage business.

The State of Business with the Ohio Society of CPA’S, Episode: The Paperless Workplace

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To Further dive into a paperless workplace, join ITSecureNow and Fireproof Records Center as we present at the Ohio Society of CPA’S Healthcare Summit. Health Care is one of the largest industries in the world, thus, creating complex challenges for accounting professionals. Challenges being the safety of health care documents as they go from paper to digital, and how the documents are being protected within their systems.

Join us October 24, 2018! Health Care Summit Event 


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