Stay Secure on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social platform for working professionals and organizations to highlight their skills and construct a network. There are many ways to use this platform to your advantage; however, there are security concerns that you should be aware of.

Create Strong Passwords
Creating a strong password is the first step to protecting your account. A common mistake is using the same password for multiple accounts which can make them all vulnerable if even one site suffers a data breach. LinkedIn has been the victim of cybercrime in the past and a post-mortem showed that LinkedIn was plagued with weak and duplicated passwords.

To ensure safety, your password should:

  • Be complex
  • Be unique
  • Be secure
  • Require two-step verification

Beware of Bogus Profiles
There are security measures set up by default in LInkedIn that will hide your contact information from those who are not in your network. But if you accept a fake profile into your network then your information is already in jeopardy. With access to your work history, email, and other connections, someone behind a fake profile could steal your identity.

Luckily there are some tell-tale signs of a fake profile:

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Unlikely or “too good to be true” requests
  • Odd work history

Avoid Phishing Emails
LinkedIn communicates to its users by sending messages to their Inbox. These messages include updates on new connections, new endorsements or policy changes. These messages are read only and are typically legitimate communications. However, if you receive an email requesting documentation to verify your identity, it is most likely a phishing scam.

Ways to look for signs that indicate the message is a phishing scam include:

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Hovering over links to see where they go (Don’t click the link)
  • Verify the sender

ITSecureNow is dedicated to protecting our clients’ security.  Watch this video to better understand the security concerns surrounding LinkedIn and how you can stay secure while using their platform.

Read “3 Easy Steps to Improve Computer Security” on our blog for more tips on how to protect your business.

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